Those Lines

Thank you EVERYONE for  your comments on my last post. I appreciate the suggestions and help you offered.
A few of you mentioned you could not see any lines through my pics. That was probably due to the fact I had to upload them at least five
times each before they were even close to presentable.
I don’t believe it is a prob with my camera or scanner. And it never,
ever used to happen before and I do not seem to have the problems
with any other place other than Blogger.
 The caravan and the dog both uploaded, no lines on the first try.
Both 900 x 676 pix and high quality files???
 This one has the lines too.
With the two pics below I went back into photoshop and made them smaller still, 700 x 576 pix and saved them as medium files.
They uploaded first time without the lines.
Hopefully I have a fix!!

Beautiful Decay

Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook

I am still getting lines through my pictures. Changing the browser does not make much difference. I have made the images smaller which has not helped?? Perhaps it has something to do with using photoshop? I’m puzzled??

Day and Night and Awful Lines

I am wondering if any other people have trouble with uploading their pictures with blogger??
It can take five or six goes sometimes for my picture to load without those awful lines through it; as seen in my first picture below. I have been through Blogger with a fine-tooth comb trying to find a solution.
Such a huge waste of time! I am seriously thinking of taking my blogs to wordpress!
Please, if anyone has the same issues or can help in any way please comment.
turn over the page
Watercolour Moleskine.

Scans from my sketchbook

I try to make time everyday to draw something. It does not have to be, and often never is, a fabulous work of art. The point is I thoroughly enjoy the process, it is relaxing and the practise is valuable. I like to use my Moleskine watercolour sketch book and notebook but if they are not on hand anything at all will do.
Egg Headz…… Easter Doodling

A sketch from the Herald Sunday Sun magazine.

Always practising faces.
Imaginary Girl with ‘Big Hair’

Kreativ Blogger Award for ‘Mummushka’s’, WoW

I am delighted and honoured to have received this award from
‘boomerontario’!! Thank You so Much!
Be SURE to check out boomerontario’s blog: ‘sketchesandjottings’, it is a visual feast of inspiration and information.

The rules for this award are:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
2. Share 7 things about yourself (see my list of 7 things, below)3. Pass the award to 7 nominees of your own choosing

Seven things about me:

1: I have the worst case of tennis elbow and it is ruining my ability to practice my drawing.
2: I have lots of pages in my journal to scan but I have been too lazy to get it done.
3: I am going to France, England and Scotland soon.
4: My work space is so messy, but I like it that way.
5: I love op- shopping.
6: I despise reality TV. Apart from, ‘The Pickers’.
7: I love my Family.

My seven Nominees in no particular order:
1:  The delicious art of ‘Afternoon Tea’
2: Jenny, Friend, blogger and gifted multi media artist.
3:   Jennifer Edwards’ Thoughts on Creativity & Life. Animated and exciting
watercolourist with a fresh unique style which I admire.
4: Always inspirational and a joy to visit.
5: A must visit blog
6: I Love this blog.
7: Filled with amazing illustrations! Visit daily.