For a friend to enjoy.

A beautiful but very sad movie, a pack of tissues and a block of Lindt Dark 85% Cocoa Chocolate all
tied up with string.



I couldn’t stop and have made another poster, ‘Bunny Girl’. I must say I’m partial to  “Bunny Girl”  and  ‘Green Bunny’ was chosen by ‘Uncle Bob’s’ from my first set. Maybe they could use both.
Here is the final look.
Now I can get back to playing in my sketchbook, that’s if I can stop making posters.

‘Bunny Girl’

‘Green Bunny’

Easter Poster Version #2

After some wonderful advice, (Thank you EDM’ers), on my last post I have taken heed &  and this is another version of my Easter Poster. I still think it needs work.
Fay, I originally had an egg shape for the sign but it did not stand out so I was hoping a star burst would. I will keep my thinking cap on!
Thank You!!

A Commission/ Easter Poster

I have been commissioned to do an Easter poster for a local ‘Charity Raffle’.
Not having done anything like this before I am concerned I will not deliver! I planned to draw a bunny holding a flag with the important info on the flag. Then adding the charity logo somewhere within the poster. Bunny is drawn, however, I am having a bit of strife trying to add other drawn elements with photoshop. I am self taught and have not ‘taught’ myself how to add layers in photoshop! I just wondered if I could have feedback on what I have come up with so far??…………..Thank you in advance for any suggestions on how I can improve!!!!

Playing Small

Good things come in small parcels, or so the saying goes.
 In this case good things come on small bits of paper…

I caught up with a friend, Jenny, over coffee and cake last week. We realised we were both very passionate about all things art. Jenny & her friend Jen make the most beautiful mixed media works on canvas, hand bound journals and magnets and also run classes; their latest class is Fabric Paper .
Getting back to small parcels/bits of paper. Jenny makes ATC’s and she inspired me to have a wee try at some. I must say I am quite pleased with my results although the camera does not show the true shine and colours. I know these are made to trade, but I’m not parting with mine.